For instance, you could dish out 30% to “Smart Trading”, 50% to “Automated Trading”, and a mere 20% to the adrenaline rush that is “HODL”. The following combination is like graduating to the next level in the strategy game. By deploying multiple Take Profits, you’re spreading your risk like butter on toast and cranking up the return.

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Immediate BitXDR

Each arbitrage pair and exchange represented is supposed to reflect the best price differentials available. The trailing option of the bot will be enabled once the price crosses the upper price threshold and continues in a bullish direction. For traders who have been using the Scalper Bot, don’t fear, your active Scalper Bots will remain active, although no new Scalper Bots will be available. For example, in 2018, Immediate BitXDR implemented the compare function tool, which enabled traders to compare the market movements of two or more different instruments simultaneously.

Trailing Up and Down features can help when the price moves out of your initial grid range. By default, the GRID bot’s orders are fixed in size in the quote currency. This way, the total investment is distributed in equal volumes in quote currency between all grid levels. To do that, enter the values in the “Low Price” and “High Price” fields or move the levels on the chart. When setting up a new GRID Bot, the Manual adjustment section allows you to customize your bot’s settings and personalize your trading strategy.

You can enable the demo mode by clicking the profile picture on the top right corner of the main interface. After enabling the mode, you can see some demo assets in your portfolio. Besides, some exchanges will be on the My exchange page showing demo connection to famous ones like Binance and Bitfinex. You can use these demo connections and assets for testing signals, your trading strategy, and the trading bot. As cryptocurrency trading continues to grow in popularity, many traders are looking for ways to streamline their processes and improve their results. Automated trading platforms have emerged as a popular solution by taking over repetitive tasks and executing trades based on preset rules.

Thankfully, with shorting, you can leverage the downturn and make it work in your favor. We offer a competitive affiliate program and always look for new cryptocurrency community members to join. However, careful oversight is critical, especially in volatile cryptocurrency markets, to ensure the algorithms are performing as expected. The lets you integrate 17+ top exchanges into one sleek interface brimming with advanced tools you won’t find anywhere else.

You will only be required to confirm your email ID to finish the setup. If so, you’ll have several plans to choose from – both free and paid-for. No account information and sensitive data is transmitted outside the company network, or to any third parties.

  • You can filter what constitutes a signal for you based on signal strength, raise percentage, exchange and the time.
  • In this Immediate BitXDR review, you will learn how this app works, its best features, pricing, and how to get the best out of it for our trades.
  • During the trailing, the system continuously monitors prices, max/min values, and the difference between the fixed and current prices.
  • While Immediate BitXDR is a powerful platform and highly recommended, there are some criticisms.
  • The interface allows you to easily switch between different exchanges by clicking on the platform name above the chart screen.

Our team have many years of experience testing thousands of trading robots so that we can provide readers with feedback based on our own opinions. Immediate BitXDR features automated bots that users can build depending on the order they want to place. Each bot is unique and allows users to explore different revenue streams. Furthermore, the bots remove the burden of having to actively be online every time someone wants to trade. All trading operations on Immediate BitXDR is processed through your unique API key.

However, seasoned traders will like this option very much since Immediate BitXDR did a fantastic job on it. This feature gives you a list of potential arbitrage opportunities from all 25 supported exchanges in one streamlined interface. You will need to have open and active (verified) accounts on those exchanges and have them linked with Immediate BitXDR via API keys to make use of this feature.