This is to help traders enhance their skills and knowledge in trading. Thus, even without a demo trading account, traders can still benefit from the firm’s commitment to education and professional development. There is an abundance of regulated brokers competing for traders’ attention in the world of online trading. Among the notable players in the market are Velocity Trade, Alpha FX, and LiteBit, each bringing their unique strengths to the table. First and foremost, it is critical to mention that this company is a regulated and certified broker. They are authorized and regulated by several regulatory authorities including ASIC, IIROC, FCA, FSCA, AFM, STRATE, CIPF, TMX, and FMA.

  1. Velocity Trade offers trading access to over 40 exchanges, including the US, Australia, Canada, UK, and South African markets which maintain global exposure through the market you desire to trade.
  2. Overall, MT4 web is a convenient and efficient way for traders to access the platform and manage their trades.
  3. When it comes to online trading with brokers like Velocity Trade Limited,
    carefully review Velocity Trade Limited as your broker can make or break your success.
  4. Velocity Trade Limited is a reliable platform that can be considered trustworthy due to its strict regulatory practices.

These include currency pairs, stocks, futures, options, commodities, CFDs, FX, etc. EToro is a multi-asset platform which offers CFD and non CFD products. 74% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

Velocity Trade Limited Costs To Check

For that reason, we ask our readers to invest with brokers who have licenses from authorities like FCA, ASIC, FMA, etc. Authorized brokers are covered by many prerequisites, and a large number of them apply anti-fraud practices. As such, they are the specific inverse of what these brokers and others like them represent. Scam Helpers Team which has done a lot of work in researching for Velocity Trades Review, advises investors not to invest in Velocity Trades, as it is suspected to be a potential scam broker. It is advised to first look at what other people are saying about the company you wish to invest in to prevent being conned by an investment scam plan. We have scanned fees (typical spreads) that VelocityTrades charges when trading popular currency pairs, here is their breakdown in pips.

Velocity Trades – Are They Safe?

Velocity Trade Limited customers have instant access to the financial market and can completely manage a Portfolio on the go. You can start using the MetaTrader 4 platform with Velocity Trade Limited in multiple formats including through an online web platform,
Through a downloadable application for Windows PCs and Apple Macintosh computers. Velocity Trade Limited MetaTrader 4 is compatible with the latest macOS. Velocity Trade Limited allows traders to trade on mobile devices
through Android and iOS devices like the iPhone.


The account opening process usually takes a few minutes to complete, and you can start exploring the Velocity Trade Limited platform and features immediately. However, you must pass the verification process to start live trading with Velocity Trade Limited, which can take up to a few business days. Furthermore, learning how to mitigate and manage investment risk is crucial. Trading with Velocity Trade Limited involves developing a strategy considering risk management techniques such as stop-loss orders, diversification, and position sizing.

MT4 trading platform is robust in its charting capabilities and the market has also prepared very good automated trading programs for the MT4 trading platform. This cannot be said about the other trading platforms in the market. Even with tens of thousands of members not one of them can produce proof that Bryan Marsden or his PIPs crew have transferred money. We are talking legitimate trading documents and not crude photocopies. When asked to produce such documents or any kind of proof of trades or investments Bryan claims that it’s all secret. No real business operates this way and any savvy investor should demand to know exactly how they are going to make money.

Velocity Trade Limited allows trading CFDs and Spread bets, which do not involve owning underlying assets but speculating on price movements, using high risk leverage. Some brokers may waive the minimum deposit requirement to attract new customers but may compensate for it by charging higher transaction commissions and trading fees. As the online trading market becomes more competitive, brokers have reduced their minimum deposit requirements to attract new clients. Scam Helpers found that Velocity Trades got negative customer reviews and ratings on all other sites, and also got low trust scores among users.

Velocity Trade Limited Withdrawal Fees

MT4 on Velocity Trade Limited offers traders comprehensive features and tools to enhance their trading performance. The Velocity Trade Limited MT4 user-friendly interface and highly customizable trading environment allow traders to tailor the Velocity Trade Limited platform to their needs. One of the standout features of MT4 is its charting functionality, which allows Velocity Trade Limited traders to analyze price movements and make informed trading decisions. To better understand the Velocity Trade Limited trading platform, you can create two separate accounts – one with real money and the other a Velocity Trade Limited demo account. A Velocity Trade Limited demo account provides a risk-free environment for experimenting with the Velocity Trade Limited platform’s features and trading strategies before risking your actual funds.

Broker Types

MetaTrader 4 (MT4) was created mainly for Forex trading, but it can also facilitate the trading of other financial instruments via CFDs and Spread Betting. You cannot trade real assets like stocks, shares, commodities, indices and ETF’s on the Velocity Trade Limited MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading platform. MT4 is a platform available with Velocity Trade Limited, that facilitates trading financial instruments in the form of CFD contracts or Spread bets. The Velocity Trade Limited MT4 platform does not provide access to physical assets such as stocks, commodities, or ETFs for trading.

All payments made to Velocity Trade Limited by traders are securely held in a segregated bank account. A financial asset is any security or asset that has financial value attached, tangible or intangible. This means that Forex trading, Share Dealing are considered financial assets. We aim to provide you with all the information in this Velocity Trade Limited review you need to determine if Velocity Trade Limited is the right fit for you. But we don’t stop there – we also offer valuable insights into other great alternatives to Velocity Trade Limited, so you can make a more informed decision and compare other brokers against Velocity Trade Limited. Fund Recovery is possible for victims of broker scams as well as other scams.

Before trading online with a broker like Velocity Trade Limited you should be sure they’re legitimate online agent. They will suspend or close your account when they believe you are unable to invest any more money in the fraud, and you won’t likely hear from them again. In order to appear trustworthy in the eyes of potential customers, many scam companies falsely state that they are headquartered in a regulated jurisdiction by using fictitious locations and regulation licenses. By investing your money in an unregulated and unlicensed broker, you are indirectly putting your funds in danger.

Online investing with Velocity Trade Limited can be just as risky as traditional offline investments. Therefore, conducting thorough research on the company you plan to invest with is crucial. If considering trading financial assets with Velocity Trade Limited, evaluating the Velocity Trade Limited platform is important. Evaluation includes researching the Velocity Trade Limited management team, track record, and services.

Too many questions could bring the entire house of cards down before they can skip town. People In Profit or PIPs scams are a recent variant of the Pyramid or Ponzi scheme meaning that PIPs is a scam. The guy at the top (Bryan Marsden) gets all the money and you get nothing but a lot of promises. As you will see there is no way that velocity trader reviews PIPs PureInvestor could possibly pay the return on investment that they say they will. Velocity Trade spreads are defined by the region you are trading through, as various exchanges may apply slightly different conditions. However, the spread offering for EUR/USD pair is averaged to 3 pips which is higher than the industry average.