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The finance industry tends to pay the highest salaries for technical systems engineers, with average annual pay of $116,420. Comparatively, the highest linux engineer annual salary comes from the health care industry. On average, technical systems engineers earn a $2,503 lower salary per year.

What are the typical industries who employ Linux engineers?

They are responsible for installing, configuring, and maintaining these systems to ensure smooth operations. This job entails regularly monitoring system performance, conducting necessary system linux network engineer updates, and troubleshooting technical issues to maintain network and system stability. There’s been a lot of talk recently about what network engineers should learn to stay relevant.

An excellent understanding of Linux operating systems and problem-solving skills are critical for this role. Additionally, they play an active role in developing and implementing software and hardware solutions that align with business needs and strategies. With advanced knowledge of Linux and related technologies, they are often called upon to improve system efficiency, automate routine tasks, and enhance overall system security. Also, they regularly collaborate with other IT professionals to solve more complex IT challenges in the organization.

Linux Topics of Interest

Linux is a dynamic ecosystem with frequent releases and updates, so staying current with changing trends, new technologies, and updates is important. Resources for continuous learning include online classes, webinars, and tutorials specialized in Linux. Focus areas should include the command line, system administration, network configuration, and server management. Don’t forget to explore related fields like cybersecurity and cloud computing. Project management is a viable and attractive path for many Linux engineers.

what is linux network engineer

Professionals in this role need a strong familiarity with the Linux operating system. Take advantage of online resources, professional development courses, and textbooks to hone your skills. Knowledge of related software like Oracle and MySQL databases can also prove helpful.

Linux Engineer Career Guide

Knowing which TCP/IP ports of a host are listening for incoming connections is crucial, especially when you’re hardening a server or locking down network equipment. Nmap allows you to quickly verify that; just run the Nmap command followed by the hostname or fully qualified domain name. With Nmap you can, for example, scan and identify open and filtered TCP/IP ports, check what operating system is running on a remote host, and perform a ping sweep on an IP subnet or range. This position involves strategizing and implementing plans for open-source technology usage within an organization. A strong background in Linux and an understanding of open-source adoption challenges are necessary skills for this specialization. So as you can see, there are a variety of reasons to learn more about Linux as a whole.

  • This move could involve obtaining additional credentials like the PMP (Project Management Professional) and would typically result in more strategic, big-picture work.
  • With deep technical knowledge, you could guide teams and manage projects more effectively.
  • There are a few free options if you are comfortable with working on the cloud.
  • Consider engagement in internships, part-time jobs, or even volunteer work that allows you to work with Linux operating systems or similar software.
  • Engineers need to understand how the hardware of Linux OS works and must be knowledgeable about Storage Area Networks (SAN) servers.
  • Using our career map, a linux engineer can determine their career goals through the career progression.