Oway Curly Hair Mask

Oway Curly Hair Mask


Size: 150ml


Oway is the first brand in the world of international cosmetics that has chosen to package products in glass and aluminium material. Oway has chosen this way of packaging because it is the least harmful to the environment and the products are 100% recyclable. Environmental friendliness is very important in these times, we all want our beautiful planet to last a long time!

Oway Curly Hair Mask detangles and defines curls perfectly without weighing them down. It hydrates and strengthens the keratin in curly hair. Also suitable for people with sensitive scalps.

Instructions of use

  • Step 1: Moisten your hair
  • Step 2: Apply the Oway shampoo evenly and massage in well
  • Step 3: Let the shampoo soak in and rinse out
  • Step 4: Make sure your hair is not too wet and then apply the hair mask evenly over your hair
  • Step 5: Allow the mask to soak in well
  • Step 6: Then rinse thoroughly and give your hair an extra treatment if necessary. Think of a fine hair oil

Result after using the Oway Curly Hair Mask

Oway Curly Hair Mask gives your curls extra nourishment and detangles them. It strengthens your curls and gives a beautiful shine!


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